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Mineral supplier from Brazil

We offer a wide range of high quality minerals, gemstones, precious and semiprecious stones worldwide. We work with ethically sourced materials from Brazil and deliver them to the customers throught efficient door-to-door logistics. 

We have a unique selection of gemstones, including different types of quartz, as well as rarer stones like aquamarine, paraiba tourmaline, and topaz. Our inventory is constantly changing as come across new stones, ensuring that we always have something new and exciting to offer our customers.

Quartz Cathedral

At our warehouse, we understand the importance of quality and transparency in the industry. That's why we take great care to ensure that all of our stones are responsibly sourced and ethically traded. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of our minerals meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

One of the unique features of precious stones is their varied composition and formation. Some, like amethyst and citrine, are formed from quartz, which is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. Others, like garnet and peridot, are formed in igneous rocks like granite and basalt, while turquoise is formed in sedimentary rocks. Foscarini Global Export provides the best high quality stones directly from Brazil.



Crystal Cluster

Overall, precious and semiprecious stones offer a wide range of options for jewelry making and are a beautiful  way to add color and symbolism to home decor.


Imperial Topaz

Each stones has its own peculiarity, varying color, clarity, cut, luster, and phenomena, Therefore, they have the power to captivate our senses, evoke emotions, and serve as a timeless symbol of elegance and luxury.




Foscarini Global Export

Rua Dominiano Ferreira Barbosa, 10, São Jacinto

Teófilo Otoni - MG - CEP: 39.801-263


Tel: +55 31 98883-1031

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